The incisive choice!


INNOVATION! Specially designed for use in the incisor region, in cases of restricted mesiodistal space

A true narrow "two-part" implant

  • Optimal management of the treatment plan and the soft tissue
  • Preservation of 2,8 diameter even for prosthetic profile

Straight threaded neck

  • Optimized anchorage
  • Retentive neck with bone compaction effect

Conical connection

  • Morse tapered connection and tight seal

Cylindrical-conical shape

  • Implant with controlled and guided insertion
  • Atraumatic apex

Progressive asymmetrical threading

  • Self-tapping
  • Gradual bone compaction is achieved during threading
  • Excellent initial stability

Impacted prosthesis

  •  Controlled and calibrated impaction using the SafeLock® instrument!