Promise of eXpertise


In cases of immediate postextraction implant placement, and insertion in low-density bone. Reserved for experienced practitioners.
Optimal primary anchorage!

Reverse conical neck

  • Preservation of cortical bone
  • Promotes alveolar bone remodeling

Conical shape

  • Gradual bone condensing effect
  • Enhanced initial stability in low-density bone
  • Protocol designed for sub-drilling procedure

Deep, sharp threads

  • Self-drilling, self-tapping

Symmetrical double-threads

  • Threads with controlled and guided insertion in low-density bone
  • Easy insertion

Fast penetration apex

  • Quick insertion into the bone
  • Optimal anchorage on the apical portion

New Implant Packaging !

  • Innovative, simple, and reliable packaging.

 ! Not available in all countries. Please contact your Anthogyr local representative.