Same COMPREHENSIVE range of dental restorations for both Axiom® REG and Axiom® PX implants:

  • Wide choice of emergence profiles : 5 gingival heights and 4 emergence diameters
  • Constant emergence profile from healing screw to final abutment: no undue tension on soft tissue
  • Wide selection of prosthetic solutions: cement-retained, screw-retained, single-unit and multiple-unit restorations,full-arch restorations and stabilization of complete denture
  • Sterile components for immediate, permanent placement: preservation of periodontal attachment, preservation of biological width, minimal disturbance of soft tissue
  • MULTI-UNIT is a new comprehensive abutment range. MULTI-UNIT abutments can be used for any multiple-unit screw-retained restoration using Axiom REG and PX implants.

An ergonomic design to facilitate placement, and high flexibility to allow management of complex cases: extraction, placement and immediate loading:
- straight and angled abutments with a COMMON 4.8 mm platform
- straight abutments with a NARROW 4.0 mm platform for patients with a small inter-implant distance.

An Angled Drill Guide (ref. IN GFA) has been developed to place Multi-Unit abutments on angled implants.

  • FLEXIBASE®: 100 % versatile Axiom® base*

Base intended for laboratory use for the implementation of single-tooth abutments and restorations that are screw-retained on Axiom® REG/PX implants: 
- versatile use, fabrication of the crown using  CAD/CAM machining or the pressing technique,
- ease of design, 2 diameters, reduced coronal height, adjustable gingival height.

Related CAD-CAM library : downloadable for free, for all open scan-CAD softwares.

*Not available in all countries. Contact here your Anthogyr local representative.

  •  Axiom REG/PX prosthetic kit.


The prosthetic kit contains :
- screwing tools for straight Multi-Unit,
- a dynamometric prosthetic wrench (ref IN CCD),
- 2 prosthetic keys and 2 prosthetic mandrels.

Prosthetic tools S, XL sizes and Locator tools can be placed into the prosthetic kit.