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BCP® bioceramics consists of a mixture of hydroxyapatite (HA) and ß-TCP (beta-tricalcium phosphate). It comes in the form of abrasive particles. Micro sandblasting the implant surface with BCP® particles creates a rough, biocompatible surface. Then, the implant is subjected to a mild acid treatment, and thoroughly rinsed and dried.
Why do all Anthogyr implants have a BCP® surface?
Because it is our commitment to offering best-in-class solutions that ensure fast and effective osseointegration.
Owing to its osteoconductive properties, BCP® is able to rapidly induce osteoblastic differentiation, thus optimizing bone-implant contact and mechanical fixation.

Anthogyr implants: successful osseointegration is achieved in more than 99% of the cases.*
* Data on file at Anthogyr

BCP® main advantages:

  • A pure and biocompatible surface: the guarantee of a successful osseointegration with no contamination of the adjacent tissue
  • An optimal surface roughness: excellent primary anchorage guarantees primary stability which is essential for a rapid osseointegration
  • BCP® promotes osteoconduction: enhanced cell attachment and higher cell proliferation