In 2007, Anthogyr moved out of the factory on Rue des Trois Lacs for good and into a newer, much larger industrial site, also located in Sallanches. This decision was made after undergoing multiple reconfigurations and experiencing a growth in the number of staff, machines, and services offered.

Tne new Anthogyr factory in Sallanches opened in 2007

Anthogyr’s structure and the gradual evolution of its business resulted in frequent internal reconfigurations in anattempt to streamline the use of space as much as possible to increase production capacity. But in the 2000s, not a single square meter was left. Concerns over where to place teams had become a major headache and sometimes led to bizarre situations: just before the new plant was built, the shipping department was working in cramped quarters on the third floor alongside the the dental products assembly line.

In order to provide more space and improve worker comfort and the company’s workflow, Anthogyr began construction on a modern, environmentally friendly factory. Its €11 million investment was equal to its ambition. The new 8,000 m2 building featured a production hall that alone took up 5,000 m2, a class 1000 clean room, offices for the various departments, a training center, two operating rooms, a fleet of 60 machines, spaces for cleaning, inspecting, assembling, and decontaminating machined parts, and an area for recycling raw materials. Particular care was taken to ensure the comfort of employees, who were given an eating area, a break room, and a gym, and to provide optimal working conditions: the factory air-conditioned, soundproofed, and fitted with air filtration systems that prevented oil deposits and odors from taking hold. 

The new 9,400 m² building features a production hall that alone takes up 5,000 m²

Particular care was taken to ensure the comfort of employees, who were given an eating area, a break room, and a gym, and to provide optimal working conditions: the factory air-conditioned, soundproofed, and fitted with air filtration systems that prevented oil deposits and odors from taking hold. The site underwent a 1,400 m2 expansion in 2013 to make room for the sales and logistics offices, resulting in a final effective area of 9,400 m2 in 2017. Efficient and practical, the new factory is a beautiful monument to Anthogyr.