2016: Partnership with Straumann and expansion into China

In 2016, Anthogyr signed an unprecedented partnership agreement with Swiss company Straumann, a pioneer in implantology founded in Basel in 1954 and the world’s first implantology company. In the throes of expansion in the early 2010s, Anthogyr opened subsidiaries in multiple countries—nearly one per year!—including one in China in 2014, where Anthogyr has been present since 2004. To accelerate its growth in China, Anthogyr trusted Straumann with the distribution of its products.

Anthogyr alongside its partner Straumann at
the 2017 Beijing Sino-Dental exhibition.

Straumann’s striking force in China was a great growth opportunity for Anthogyr and in return the Swiss leading company was able to expand its catalog with items that were both appealing and accessible to a sector with strong increase. The deal was further sealed when Straumann acquired a 30% equity stake in Anthogyr. The win-win partnership helped assure Anthogyr that its new associate would seek to earn a return on its investment by aiming for the sales goals they had set and allowed Straumann to secure a new supply subsidiary.

"To accelerate its growth Anthogyr trusted Straumann with the distribution of its products"

For Anthogyr, which became a leader in the implantology industry in record time, the partnership with Straumann also lent the company credibility. The trustworthiness of the Swiss company, which enjoyed a sparkling brand image (as evidenced by its excellent stock market valuation), vouched for Anthogyr’s reputation for professionalism and quality in mature territories where the French brand was already well known and well established.