2017: A new look at implantology

Anthogyr has continued to advance in the implantology market. The creation of subsidiaries abroad, the acquisition of Simeda®, and the partnership with Straumann have been powerful accelerators.

In 2017, Anthogyr launched Axiom® Multi Level®,
which paved the way for total compatibility between bone
level and tissue level philosophies.

But the most recent one is undoubtedly the launch of the Axiom® Multi Level® in 2017. An extension of Axiom®, the groundbreaking Axiom® Multi Level® solution is the result of more than five years of research and the subject of multiple patents.

It demonstrates the perfect fit between different aspects of the company’s business by merging implantology with CAD/CAM machining of customized prostheses, thus offering doctors opportunities for new procedures. With its philosophy of continual innovation, Anthogyr paves the way for new fields of treatment.

In doing so, it affirms its “Prime Mover in Implantology” strategy, which pursues one objective: to offer premium products accessible to as many people as possible.