Charlie Adam is a well-established artist, renowned from Chamonix to the Lake Geneva region, including Annecy.

His passion for the mountains and winter sports, architecture and comics, illustrations and retro posters from the mid-XXth century to the 1980s are all there in the "Alp Chic" line he created in the early 2000s, his signature style full of humour and vintage glamour.

Charlie’s illustrations may be digitally produced, but the atmosphere of his images is nostalgically retro, as he seeks to find the spirit and warmth of the vintage illustrations from which he draws inspiration.

The collaboration with Anthogyr came naturally for this artist, closely tied to the region and motivated to combine the company’s local history and its reputation for cutting edge industry with a touch of joviality and humour, perfect to mark its 70th anniversary in good spirits.

And what can be more representative in the Mont-Blanc area than a "skier patient" looking after his champion smile at his dentist?!

The intentionally "vintage" attire of the characters are a wink at the universe of Charlie Adam and the age of the company, established in 1947.

The illustration for Anthogyr’s 70th anniversary is on display in the showroom of the Sallanches head office.