• 01 September 2017 | News room

    Behind the brand, Anthogyr in Implant Dentistry Today issue

    Confidence in an implant system isn’t limited to the product alone: Chris Bartlett introduces the people making partnership with Anthogyr a winning proposition

  • 21 July 2017 | News room

    Optimized emergence profile by Dr Carlos Gargallo Gállego in EDI Journal

    Dr Carlos Gargallo describes in two case reports the treatment protocol from diagnosis to conclusion, with step-by-step descriptions of the CAD/CAM subcrestal restoration treatment procedure adopted.

  • 19 May 2017 | News room

    An Anthogyr clinical trial, published in "European Journal of Oral Implantology" magazine

    The review "European Journal of Oral Implantology"published a new clinical study, achieved in one year, by an italian practitioner team. 

  • 03 March 2017 | News room

    Exo Safe : The art of Conservative Extraction

    The doctors Jean Baptiste Verdino and David Mardenalom describe the use of Exo Safe by a clinical case. 

  • 12 December 2016 | News room

    The use of narrow implants by Dr Huub van't Veld

    This article describes the use of narrow implants, with 2 illustrative cases and their respective procedures.  

  • 02 December 2016 | News room

    Adaptation of traditional working methods to the creation of Cr-Co ceramic restoration with CAD/CAM technology by Richard Demange

    Richard Demange describes the adaptation of tried and tested fixed prosthesis work protocols to new CAD/CAM techniques.