Dentists and dental technicians from across Great Britain met for a game-changing scientific programme at a special event hosted by Anthogyr in November.  Guests at the symposium, held at the historic Brooklands site of Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, were treated to an insight into what can be achieved with the Axiom® implant range.   

According to the keynote speaker, Dr Egon Euwe, “Axiom is a high performing system with a conical connection and platform switching suitable for every clinical indication. The flexibility and the simple decision-making process it offers are extraordinary.”  Dr Euwe introduced attendees at the ‘Accelerate your implant business’ conference to the latest technological advance from Anthogyr, Axiom® Multi Level® 

This unique, user-friendly concept provides optimal crestal bone stability and predictable aesthetic results, for both bone- and tissue-level placement.  Egon continues,“The high precision, 2.7 mm conical connection is so stable that I frequently see new bone formation on the implant shoulders.”  The easy-to-use inLink®connection is precisely engineered to simplify restoration, saving time and money, with flat-to-flat surfaces that are tolerated well. 

The morse taper design helps to avoid bone loss, providing a tight seal, narrow exit and firm fit.  Dr Euwe advocates what he describes as ‘the rootmimetic approach’, which uses buccal and crestal augmentation techniques to develop innovative emergence profiles, creating a natural-looking restoration.  He explains how the Axiom® concept helps. “Impressive crestal bone stability can be obtained from the outset, by following a few simple rules, such as sub-crestal placement of the implant shoulders.  In the long run, this helps to reduce the risk of mucositis degenerating rapidly into peri-implantitis.”

Chris Meldrum, General Manager, Anthogyr Limited adds, “The programme of talks introduced our guests to the innovations in implant dentistry that Anthogyr has to offer.”  Having discussed cutting-edge technology in their own field of dental implantology, delegates were then able to test their skills on the track in high-performance Mercedes-Benz AMGs and in an off-road 4x4 challenge.