Anthogyr offers a large range of dental instruments intended specifically for use in anaesthesia:

Sterilife® stainless steel syringes

  • 5-year warranty : UNIQUE!
  • 100% stainless steel for high resistance to repeated sterilization procedures  and  long life span
  • User-friendly design: Easy handling for a better injection control

Stainless steel needle recapper

  • Suitable for use with all brands of syringes and needles
  • The unit provides excellent stability thanks to its weight and non-slip base
  • Can be used as a needle recapper between multiple anesthesia procedures, at the end of the anesthesia or as a syringe support
  • The needle cap becomes unlocked in the recapper as the locking button is pressed. The needle cap is tightly held in the support as pressure is released

Chrome plated syringes

  • Long-lasting use thanks to chrome-plated brass
  • Hinge system for inserting the carpule
  • Available with or without ventilation

Intraligamental syringes

  • Progressive mechanism which makes the injection very accurate and smooth
  • No jet effect
  • A system of levers is used to reduce the force required to administer the injection (Ergoject x3 / Miniject x5)
  • Two tips available : straight tip (Ergoject®) and 30° angulated tip (Miniject®) with needle insert cone
  • Supplied with 2 disposable protective tubes