ANTHOGYR Guiding System is an unique and innovative approach, and a compatible solution with the planning software Simplant®*, is widely used and well recognized worldwide.

The system was developed in close collaboration with Materialise®. Thanks to a new approach in guiding design, the range of instruments required for preparing an implant site has been streamlined, making clinical implementation easy and safe.
An ideal complement to the Axiom® implant system, Anthogyr Guiding System is an indispensable tool in the treatment of complex cases.

Main assets of Anthogyr Guiding System:

  • Stereolithographic surgical guide*: extension of the diagnosis elaborated using Simplant PRO®*. Re-positioned in the mouth, this guide will allow you to precisely place implants according to your simulation.
  • Precise centring system: axial guiding of the drilling is ensured by a sliding detachable centring ring, placed on the drill. This ring ensures perfect stability of the tool during all of the "drilling" sequence. It cleverly replaces the use of "spoons", which are clumsier to handle and require multiple manipulations
  • Unique depth control: the originality of the system lies in the fact that the control rest is located on the top of the contra-angle!
  • Set of high-performance drills
  • Compact surgery kit
  • Set of fixation screws with automatic break-off heads: accessibility and perfect stabilisation of the guide
  • Flapless surgery: the guides allow safe placement of the implants using a flapless technique
  • Immediate loading

* Products commercialized by DENTSPLY Implants