More freedom on Simeda® prostheses thanks to the inLink® connection

The Angulated Access with inLink® connection on Simeda® prostheses improves the strength, design and aesthetic result of your restorations. The inLink® Angulated Access lets you optimise both the emergence and dimensions of your screw channels. The lock inserted through the bottom surface of the prosthesis allows you to create a channel measuring only 2 mm in diameter and offers free 0° to 25° angulation.

Available in 3 materials: Titanium, Cobalt Chrome and Zirconia, with the new Multi-layer Sina ML.

The product avantages

  • Better aesthetics: design optimisation for smaller sized teeth
  • Emergence of the narrow screw channel reduced to the diameter of the prosthetic wrench
  • No screw transfer in the mouth
  • Fast lock tightening
  • 25 torque
  • Serenity® guarantee programme


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