What materials are available from Simeda®?

The range of materials is comprised of metals and metal alloys (titanium and cobalt chrome), IPS e.max® CAD, acrylic resins (PMMA), wax and zirconia.
Cobalt chrome is available machined and sintered, titanium is available in machined form.
We offer both conventional zirconia (VITA shade range: A1 to D4 and natural) as well as translucent zirconia.
The PMMA is available in four shades (for calcination, or use in temporaries).
The wax is machined for casting precious metals.

Is the Simeda® scanner an open system?

Yes, the Simeda® scanner is an open system.
This means that the files exported by our system are STL files that can be used by any machining centre.

Is it possible to send files from other systems to Simeda®?

The Simeda® system allows the user to work with STL files from other systems (intra-oral camera, 3Shape files, DentalWings files, Forte files, etc.), meaning that they can be imported and processed using the Simeda® system.
There is one exception in the case of custom abutments: our implant library must be integrated in your CAD/CAM system (compatible with Exocad, Dentcad, DentalWings, 3Shape, etc.) in order to create custom abutments.

How can I work with Simeda®?

All you need to do is to click on the link below and complete the form, and you will become a Simeda® customer. Our technical support team will send you an email confirming your registration. Once you have received this email, all you need to do is to call our hotline at:  00 352 266 404 841. We will finalise the installation details with you.

What are the lead times for delivery?

The lead times for delivery depend on the type of work and on the transfer mode.
You are welcome to consult the "Lead times for delivery" section.

Can I send models to Simeda®?

Yes, of course.
Our international team of dental prosthetic specialists can create the design for your parts once your models have been sent. They will provide you with a 3D PDF of their work so that you can decide whether the design is accurate, or forward the corrections required in order to create a design that suits you. The production of your frameworks does not begin until you are completely satisfied and have indicated to us that you would like production to go ahead.

How do I download the Simeda® implant library?

All you need to do is to click on the link below and complete the form. Our team will send you the necessary codes and links for downloading the SimedaThèque® implant library. We will then help you to finalise installation and integration of our implant library on your system.

What interfaces are available from Simeda® ?

Our list of available interfaces is growing continually, and we are integrating new interfaces on an ongoing basis. You will find the interfaces supported by Simeda® in the implant library section.

Does Simeda® guarantee my work?

Yes, of course. All of our structures are guaranteed for five years and are accompanied by a guarantee certificate that also certifies material traceability in order to provide you with prostheses that meet ISO standards.