FlexiBase® the Axiom® Multi Level® base for dental technicians

FlexiBase® is an ideal base to create abutments and screw-retained single restorations on Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants in the laboratory. Versatile, it enables the production of upper structures by CAD-CAM machining or moulded technique. It offers ample freedom of design to cover essential clinical indications.

The related CAD library includes the geometry of the female element corresponding to the FlexiBase®, as well as an example of Axiom® Multi Level® implant.

The product avantages

  • 2 specific diameters for Axiom® Bone Level BL and Axiom® Tissue Level TL implants
  • 3 gingival heights for Axiom® BL, reduced crown height
  • Anthogyr Serenity® guarantee programme


NEW - FlexiBase® library for Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL

Ref. # OPFLEX413/423/433 - OPFLEX513/523/533 – TFLEX-N – TFLEX-R


Library ONLY for FlexiBase® Axiom® BL

Ref. #OPFLEX403 & # OPFLEX503

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