Additive titanium suprastructure for titanium/resin complete screw-retained prostheses

With Simeda® Additive technology applied to titanium suprastructures, you benefit from a high degree of design freedom and save time in the preparation of titanium/resin dental prostheses.

The choice between a rough or textured surface is available to promote the adhesion of the resin to the suprastructure.

The Simeda® Additive prostheses made of Grade V Titanium provide the same level of strength and meet the same specifications as 100% machined suprastructures. You also benefit from the Simeda® quality standard in terms of the passivity and precision of the connections.

Finally, you have the choice of Wrap-around, Canada or Montreal suprastructure types, with polished surfaces for areas in contact with soft tissue or saliva.


The product benefits

  • Available on numerous implant platforms including Axiom®, Straumann®, Neodent®, MPS
  • Save time with surfaces adapted to the preparation of prostheses
  • Available with Angulated Access on inLink® and Multi-Unit
  • Anthogyr Serenity® guarantee programme


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Medical devices for use by dental professionals. Not reimbursed by the National Health Service. Classes I, IIa, IIb. CE0459. LNE/G-MED. Manufacturer: Anthogyr SAS. Please read the instructions and user manuals thoroughly.