Innovative solution for dental extraction

Exo Safe comprises a set of six periotomes and the Safe automated  impactor which is directly connected to a micro motor. Adapted to anterior and posterior sectors, Exo Safe is designed for general practitioners and implantologists alike.

  • The main advantage of Exo Safe is the preservation of the bone integrity. It thus assists the practitioner specialising in reconstructions and/or grafts, and facilitates the placement of a post-extraction implant.   
  • Exo Safe easily mobilises the tooth as the periotome makes it easy to locate the root support for the elevation, then extraction.
  • This ergonomic instrument is held in one hand which makes it easier to handle in the mouth and improves intra-operative visibility.
  • Continual impactions with regular intensity facilitate the gradual enlargement of the desmodontal space.
  • They create less trauma than the traditional manual technique. Exo Safe improves the practitioner’s dexterity and leads to greater acceptance of the treatment by the patient.


Like Osteo Safe®, Exo Safe periotomes are connected to the Safe automatic impactor with the same secure connection system. This is the Be Safe range.