New freedom in implantology

For total compatibility between the Bone Level and Tissue Level approaches.

The Axiom® Multi Level® solution is part of the Axiom® extension and innovates with a brand-new inLink® connection. Available for both the Axiom® Bone Level and Axiom® Tissue Level, it is unique in that it is integrated into the Simeda® CAD-CAM prostheses.

The Axiom® Multi Level® is easier to use thanks to the compatibility of surgical and prosthetic solutions. The Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL versions preserve the biological space, the REG and PX profiles are suitable for a variety of clinical situations, and the Serenity® guarantee lets you work with confidence.


The product advantages

  • 1 surgical kit for placement of Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants
  • 1 prosthetic kit for placement of prostheses on Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implants
  • Effective osteointegration thanks to medical grade V titanium and the BCP® surface treatment
  • REG implant profile for implantations in scarred sites and for all bone types
  • PX implant profile for immediate implantations and low-density bone
  • Covers all sectors: Ø3.4, 4.0, 4.6 and 5.2 mm for the Axiom® TL and Axiom® BL versions
  • Ø2.8 mm for smaller mesiodistal spaces on the incisor with Axiom® BL 2.8
  • inLink® connection available directly on Axiom® TL and Axiom® BL implants via the inLink® abutment
  • Prosthetic restorations, whether single-unit or complete, cemented, screw-retained, attached or with a single connection, for the Axiom® BL series of prostheses
  • Solutions with Angulated Access on Multi-Unit abutments and inLink® connection
  • Wide choice of materials for CAD-CAM prostheses: titanium, cobalt-chrome, Sina Z® proprietary zirconium
  • Advanced design and use of medical grade V titanium for optimal durability


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