Make your surgeries simple

Anthogyr offers a set of ancillaries for surgeries that use the Axiom® Multi-Level® implant solution.

Axiom Multi-Level® surgical kits can be used with the Axiom® BL Bone Level and Axiom® TL Tissue Level solutions to place implants. The Axiom® BL 2.8 kit is used for surgeries and prostheses for Axiom® BL 2.8 implants. To make Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL implant surgeries safer, we offer an Axiom® Multi-Level® drill bit kit.

The compatibility of our surgical solutions makes the Axiom® Multi-Level® easier to use.

The product advantages

  • 1 surgical kit for placing Axiom® BL (except the BL 2.8) and Axiom® TL implants
  • Compact, ergonomic surgical kits
  • Safety: Kit contains abutments that pair with an Axiom® Multi Level® surgical kit


Download the PDF

Medical devices for dental professionals. Not reimbursed by Social Security. Class I, IIa, IIb. CE0459. LNE/G-MED. Manufacturer: Anthogyr SAS. Carefully read the instructions in the manuals and user manuals.