inLink®: an innovative type of connection

The inLink® connection is a locking system built into the CAD-CAM Simeda® prosthesis. The inLink® Axiom® Multi Level® solution features a fixation lock and a retaining ring in specially machined housing.

The new connection system is designed for CAD-CAM Simeda® partial and complete screw-retained, multiple-unit restorations. The InLink® connection is compatible with both the Axiom® TL Tissue Level and Axiom® BL Bone Level implants thanks to the dedicated inLink® abutment. The new connection makes the Axiom® BL and Axiom® TL approaches fully complementary.

The product avantages

  • Ability to adjust for extreme axis divergence in implants
  • Optimised screw channel height with free Angulated Access from 0° to 25°
  • No abutment for Axiom® TL, straight inLink® abutment only for Axiom® BL
  • CAD-CAM Simeda® prostheses with built-in locks and quick screwing
  • Proven mechanical durability of locks (wide 2.8 mm lock screwed to 25


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