The Axiom® TL Tissue Level prosthesis line is used for single- and multiple-unit, screw-retained prostheses on the Axiom® TL implant.

The line uses the inLink® connection with no intermediate abutment for multiple-unit, screw-retained restorations.  Single-unit restorations require a three-lobed connection with M1.6 screwing. This dual connection means a single-unit restoration can be switched to a multiple-unit restoration on an inLink® connection.

Final Simeda® single- and multiple-unit, screw-retained prostheses are available via the CAD-CAM technique.

The product advantages

  • N/4.0 and R/4.8 platforms are identified by colour codes and laser markings
  • Straight and angulated temporary inLink® abutments for positioning that is adapted to the channel heights of temporary, multiple-unit prostheses
  • Complete laboratory kit with components to prepare the temporary and final prostheses


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