A durable, biocompatible material

Axiom® Multi Level® solutions and Simeda® and Connect+® prosthetic parts are made of medical grade V titanium.

The most durable material on the market, its performance is long-proven and features excellent biocompatibility. The mechanical qualities of medical grade V titanium makes implants safe for patients and reduces the invasiveness of procedures by allowing smaller-diameter implants to be used in the same site.

The product advantages

  • Dynamic strength higher than medical grade IV titanium or other titanium alloys1
  • Properties of osteointégration2
  • Recognised biocompatibility in oral and orthopaedic surgery3
  • No scientifically demonstrated cytotoxic or genotoxic3 effects
  • A combination of medical grade V titanium and our BCP® (biphasic calcium phosphate) osteoconducting surface treatment.

1 Liens A., et al, Multi-scale microstructural and mechanical characterization of titanium and titanium alloys used in dentistry (2015), Poster presented at the 24th EAO’s Annual Scientific Congress, Stockholm, Sweden.
2 Buser, D., Saulacic, N., Bosshardt, D. D., Bornstein, M. M., Berner, S., (2012). Bone apposition to a titanium-zirconium alloy implant, as compared to two other titanium-containing implants. Eur Cell Mater, 23(1), 273-286.
3 Velasco-Ortega, E., Jos, A., Cameán, A. M., Pato-Mourelo, J., & Segura-Egea, J. J. (2010). In vitro evaluation of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of a commercial titanium alloy for dental implantology. Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, 702(1), 17-23.


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