The Simeda® CAD-CAM solutions offer a wide choice of materials for all your customised prostheses. Additive or 100% machined titanium, cobalt chromium or zirconia for multiple-unit and single-unit implant restorations, all our creations are made to meet extremely demanding production criteria.


Medical Grade V Titanium

  • Additive or 100% machined titanium depending on the type of restoration.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Suitable for all implant and tooth-supported prostheses
  • Biocompatible material specially suited to soft tissue
  • Light material for greater patient comfort

Cobalt Chromium

  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for all implant and tooth-supported prostheses
  • Easy ceramisation for a beautiful look
  • Biocompatible material


Anthogyr produces its own zirconia to guarantee the resistance, aesthetics and durability of its products.

  • Isostatically pressed high quality zirconia powder (Tosoh, Japon).
  • Optimised pre-sintered with control of material retraction.
  • Final sintering and dimensional control.
  • 100% aesthetic and biocompatible prosthesis: the material of choice for aesthetic, implant-supported and tooth-supported restorations.
  • High and consistent dynamic strength for guaranteed complex work.
  • Selection of zirconias

Sina Z : opaque zirconia, available in 16 shades

Sina T : translucent zirconia, available in 16 shades

Sina ML : multi-layer zirconia, available in 7 shades


+ Industry and R&D expertise

+ Proven durability (> 1150 MPa) for all indications, including multiple-unit, implant-supported restorations

Composite Ceramics

  • Large choice of materials for single-unit, tooth-supported, anatomical restorations.
  • Single-unit, crown type, inlay/onlay veneer restorations

        Beautiful materials

       Simple finishing process

       + Ability to absorb masticatory force

       + Range of multiColor looks

PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate)

  • Suitable for making temporary prostheses
  • Cap and bridge restorations