The Mont Blanc® range of contra-angles delivers all the features you expected!
Recognized for reliability, the Anthogyr contra-angles are user-friendly : the I-Coat® surface treatment delivers optimal tactile sensation in humid environments, its ergonomics delivers perfect handgrip, and the ceramic ball-bearings make use quiet. The combination of two noble materials, titanium and stainless steel, makes it both lightweight and powerful.


Main assets:

Minimum head size

Only for the 1:5

  • Optimum visibility
  • Exceptional access in the mouth thanks to the reduced head size

Quadruple sprays outlet

  • Excellent tool and tooth cooling
  • Prevents the instrument from overheating

Anti-particle filter: Patented innovation!

  • Avoidance of dirt particles and blockages in the spray channels

Ceramic bearings

Only for the 1:5

  • Harder than conventional stainless steel bearings, and only half the weight
  • Lower friction results in heat free operation, especially at high speeds and contributes to longer handpiece life
  • Reduced risk of the head of the contra-angle overheating

Cellular glass optics lighting

  • Mont Blanc® contra-angles for general dentistry are fitted with cellular glass optics with 25 000 LUX light output
  • Well-lit working area


  • Only 67 gr due to optimisation and integration of titanium components

I Coat® coating

  • Optimised surface durability
  • Ideal roughness for optimal handgrip even during long surgical procedures