#MadeForYou is an Anthogyr film which embraces the company’s values and various professions. It focuses on three colleagues playing their real life roles, fully immersing the spectator. The three characters convey the expertise and commitment that unites the men and women who make up Anthogyr, showing them working within the framework of high industrial technology and the medical world.

The background shots feature views of the Mount-Blanc landscape. As the historical birthplace of Anthogyr, Sallanches and its surrounding area serves as a natural decor for the film.

To give a different angle on their industrial activity, Anthogyr selected an audiovisual production company specialized in ski films to carry out this project. The PVS Company has also worked on communications projects with well known sports, tourism and luxury sector brands. After one week of filming, a team of 10 people were able to capture the spirit of Anthogyr and harness its creativity into the final production.