Anthogyr invests in the future by hosting a dozen apprentices each year, who divide their time between classes and internships.

The objective? To build the talent that will become the added value of the future and to re-energise all of our teams.

Discover four of these motivated young people. 

Souha Ben Romdhan, gaining confidence

After one year at Anthogyr as a temporary worker on the production side, Souha decided to resume her studies. “I wanted to continue working at the company and follow a career path in a field that better suited me, while remaining financially independent and professionally active. The apprenticeship scheme turned out to be the ideal solution.” For Souha, the apprenticeship’s success relies on mutual commitment. “I receive guidance and am held accountable. It’s up to me to demonstrate my motivation and dedication to completing my assignments. This year, I learnt certain skills and also gained self confidence. People placed their trust in me and I have become more confident. That’s better than any A!”

Delphine Philippe, the benefits of passing on knowledge

As the only woman in a class of sixteen men, Delphine has both a strong personality and a well-defined career plan. “An apprenticeship was the perfect thing for me. The transfer of knowledge has been very important in the workshop. Everyone is involved in my training, and the more senior people have given me invaluable advice.” After graduation, Delphine was offered a position as an assistant adjuster. “I knew I would never find another company with Anthogyr’s strict standards, clean workshop, and friendly co-workers. So I immediately said yes. And though my schooling is finished, I am still learning and improving. It’s a very important aspect of my personal development.”

Valentin Garda, the hands-on side of projects

As the first R&D engineer enrolled in a vocational sandwich degree programme, Valentin has followed a non-traditional path. The stellar notes he received in his IPM BTS apprenticeship at Anthogyr allowed him to pursue his studies further. His outstanding job application led to his hiring at the Engineering Office, and he now designs the parts that he previously manufactured. “My knowledge of machines is a valuable asset, but I also apply information from other departments, like marketing and production planning. I have to think like a dentist to understand the problems of the profession and create suitable solutions. The challenge is exciting.” This handson aspect is what convinced the young man to pursue the educational path that he did. “Getting involved in projects in the field is key. For example, right now I’m working on a new and very innovative product. I start with relatively little data and have to develop prototypes, conduct mechanical tests, and contribute to mass-production processes. Theoretical learning alone cannot offer all these opportunities.”

Bastien Frankowski, qualified for the future

After two weeks of classes followed by a two-week immersion in the production unit, the future digital machine operator and adjuster says, “You learn much more quickly working on the job. Over the past few months, my assignments have become more complex, and the progress I’ve made is really motivating and rewarding.” With just a few weeks to go before final exams, Bastien feels happy. “I’m convinced that apprenticeships are the best way to get a job. Recruiters know that I can hit the ground running, and my work experience at Anthogyr looks great on my CV, proof of quality and high standards. My hope today is that I can stay with the company."