Meeting with Dr Egon Euwe, implantologist specialised in esthetic dentistry who has chosen to partner with Anthogyr.

Dr Egon Euwe knows no bounds when it comes to his practice focused on implantology and esthetic dentistry. Originally from the Netherlands, Dr. Euwe splits his time between his dental office in Italy and various international conferences. In a quest to understand the latest technology and sharing his expertise, he has chosen to partner with Anthogyr. We sat down with him to discuss his winning formula, which involves both innovation and educating others.

Axiom® Bone Level: Impressive results

After having tested the products for a year and a half, Dr. Euwe sings the praises of the Axiom® Bone Level: “I was struck by the bone recovery of the implant’s neck and the ability to preserve it after the prosthesis phase. Biologically, this was a huge leap. For the first time I was working with true bone level implants,” he recalls. “Now I’m hoping to prove that they provide stabler results in my patients over the long term. The better the initial stability, the more confident I am that the implants will last.”