Andrew Moore, Bill Shaeffer & Anthony Bendkowski
Andrew Evans & Nick Cooper
Chetan Bhudia & Waseem Noordin
Hemant Yadav & Dimitrios Mamouchas
Max Rahman, Martina Pirklova, Nick Cooper, Rash Patel, Mish Sachdev &... Read more
Max Rahman, Martina Pirklova, Nick Cooper, Rash Patel, Mish Sachdev & Alex Biller
Alistair Imam, Phil Sterrett, Hemant Yadav, Nick Lamb & Robin Hanna

The Morning session was built on a platform of discussion around 5 topics Immediate loading, GBR, Implant No’s and Digital Workflow. Dr Nigel Saynor moderated with a panel of Dr Phil Bennett, Anthony Bendkowski, Dr Andrew Moore & Dr Bill Schaeffer. Prior to the day all clinicians & panel had submitted a questionnaire on the discussion topics.

Nigel presented back the collective answers for clinicians and the panel which was openly discussed with 30 mins per subject. The Buzz from both the panel and the audience to see and reflect through discussion was warmly received. We expect this format will grow to bring more people together to openly share experiences within in world of Dental Implantology. The afternoon session from Dr Jonatan Beley from France gave an intriguing perspective of ways to improve Patient treatments with fundamental planning decisions.

Chris Bartlett from Anthogyr GB said : "Our aim is to collectively bring UK Clinicians & Technicians together to interact on another level, we believe we made this possible at LeCercle 1st Edition."


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