• 26 July 2019 | Products

    New! The Simeda® DigitALL solution is available

    Discover how Anthogyr can support you in establishing your digital stream.

  • 23 July 2019 | Products

    New! Discover the AxIN® tutorials

    Anthogyr tutorials allow you to follow all the assembly and disassembly operations of an Axin® crown.

  • 10 March 2019 | Products

    AxIN® your new reference for single-unit restorations

    Discover AxIN®, the Simeda® customized screw-retained tooth for all sectors.

  • 08 March 2019 | Products

    An innovation for all customized single restorations

    Anthogyr continues to innovate with AxIN®, a screw-retained zirconia Simeda® tooth with angulated access.

  • 01 August 2018 | Products

    Angulated Access: simplified use and enhanced patient comfort with Simeda® prostheses.

    Adjust the emergence of the screw channels of your Simeda® customized prostheses with the Angulated Access solution!

  • 18 June 2018 | Products

    New CAD-CAM materials

    Our portfolio of customised Simeda® and Connect+® prostheses is growing thanks to the addition of new materials.

  • 05 April 2018 | Products

    Three-element thimble crown with zirconia bridge

    Discover the creation of a thimble crown with zirconia bridge.

  • 05 January 2017 | Products

    Axiom® Multi Level® - Discover your new power !

    Axiom® Multi Level® range opens up the extent of possibilities in offering total compatibility between the Bone Level and Tissue Level philosophies.

  • 04 January 2017 | Products

    Anthogyr adds to its list of Simeda® implant platforms

    New Bredent®, etk® and SIC® implant platforms, now compatible with Simeda®.

  • 02 September 2016 | Products

    New series of Simeda® Scan-Adapters - July 2016

    The Simeda® compatibility list completed by 15 new Scan-Adapters for Straumann®, Nobel Biocare® and Global D®.