Angulated Access: simplified use and enhanced patient treatment with Simeda® and Connect+® prostheses. Enables you to adjust the angulation of the screw channels of your customised Simeda® and Connect+® multiple screw-retained prosthesis on Multi Unit Axiom® BL abutments.

This solution is available for all screw channels, on platforms 4.0 or 4.8, titanium or Cobalt-Chrome prostheses. Angulated Access offers the advantage of up to 25° angulation for:

  • Aesthetic and functional optimisation.
  • Permanent restorations.
  • Increased choice of indications for screw-retained prostheses.

The Benefits:

  • Transporting the screw in the mouth is easier with the dedicated gripper supplied with Simeda® prostheses.
  • Black/titanium dual colour for easier permanent screw identification, blue screw for specific laboratory use.
  • A single ball wrench for all prosthetic screws, including on straight channels (2 wrench and mandrel lengths)