Exo Safe: The Art of Conservative Extraction


Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure most frequently performed by dental surgeons. It is imperative for avulsion to be performed in the most atraumatic manner possible to preserve the maximum amount of peripheral bone tissue. However, this is the most difficult component of the procedure. Post-extraction bone resorption is inevitable due to the loss of intraosseous stimulation, and the probability increases if walls (particularly vestibular walls) are destroyed…Great care must be taken to ensure that the periodontal tissues surrounding the teeth are preserved. In this respect, precautionary extraction is a more important factor to maintain bone volume than the treatment that follows avulsion by Dr. David Mardenalom and Dr. Jean Baptiste Verdino.

Use of Exo Safe

The periotome is configured to slide along the periodontal ligament: shaped like an elongated blade, its design enables it to penetrate between the tooth and surrounding bone in order to enlarge the periodontal space. Used manually, the extraction procedure would potentially be time-consuming.

Dr. Jean Baptiste Verdino, Exclusive implantologist in surgery and prosthesis, Teaching Assistant at the Implantology University Degree of Marseille (France)
Dr. David Mardenalom, Doctor in oral implantology, odontology, restoration and aesthetics at the Faculty of Marseille (France)