Dr Waseem Noordin describes how he restored a patient’s ability to eat and talk effectively with an implant-retained three-unit bridge.

An 85-year-old retired gentleman was referred to The Park Dental Practice for the restoration of his missing lower left and upper right premolar and first molar teeth (LL4-LL6 and UR4-UR6) with dental implants. The patient lost these teeth more than eight years previously and had been managing, reluctantly, with removable upper and lower acrylic dentures. His medical history was clear and he was fit and healthy. The patient’s initial priority was to have the missing lower left posterior teeth restored, as he did not want to wear a lower denture any longer. We discussed the possibility of a removable lower cobalt-chromium denture, but he wished to have fixed teeth, so he could enjoy eating again.

Implant Dentistry Today - Vol.12 - Issue 4 - July 2018 - Dr Waseem Noordin