Discover AxIN®, the Simeda® customized screw-retained tooth for all sectors.


What makes it unique? Its integrated base and screw on the bottom of the prosthesis.

The result? A narrow channel to help you respect the natural tooth anatomy.

  • Biologically safe : No glue, no sealing cement.
  • The closest thing to a natural tooth : Channels not visible from the outside. Narrow diameter Ø 2.0 mm.
  • Easy handling : Removable titanium base. Screw integrated in the restoration.
  • Lower maintenance : Channels outside the fragile areas. Lower risk of chipping.
  • Peace of mind : Full CAD-CAM Simeda® prosthesis.
  • For all sectors

To learn more about our AxIN® solution : see the video or launch the 3D application.