Anthogyr’s booth at the 2017 IDS show held in Cologne, Germany.

In December 1940, the Anthoine Émile et Fils establishments appointed a representative to Morocco, a French protectorate at the time, to facilitate relationships with local firms. Anthogyr inherited a portion of that clientele while continuing to maintain commercial relationships with neighboring countries—Switzerland, of course, as well as Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain. This early international vision was also a mark of the company’s desire to expand outside of its domestic market, which had quickly become saturated. To do so, Anthogyr worked closely with a network of distributors tasked with selling its products around the world and attending major dental expos, such as the International Dental Show in Germany, to help Anthogyr enlarge its sphere of influence and find new outlets.

By 1977, the company had impressive sales from exports, while its subcontracting business continued to operate only within France. While North African and Middle Eastern countries were its busiest markets at the time, improvements in Anthogyr’s products, along with the excellent international reputation of French medicine and the creation in 1989 of a sales department dedicated specifically to the dental industry, further accelerated the company’s growth abroad. 

"By 2004, Anthogyr was present on every continent via its distributors"

The first Anthogyr catalog, introduced in 1947, listed products in French, English, Spanish, and German.

By 2004, Anthogyr was present on every continent via its distributors. Its most active markets were France, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, and Taiwan. In the United States, business was so brisk that the company decided to open its first sales and distribution subsidiary there in 2006, dedicated exclusively to instruments. Between 2010 and 2017, Anthogyr also formed subsidiaries in Benelux, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, and most recently, in the United Kingdom. The deployment of local networks in mature markets not only allowed Anthogyr to expand within the highly competitive implantology industry, but also to interact directly with customers, who were able to receive a wide variety of services ranging from consultation to assistance to training.