Anthogyr joins the Straumann Group, world leader in dental health

"A new milestone is reached today: Anthogyr joins the Straumann Group, world leader in dental replacement solutions. It’s a strong choice that confirms our strategic project, a springboard of extraordinary opportunities for the Anthogyr brand.

For many years we have known a significant development in France and abroad and have become a reference player for dental implantology. We offer top quality, high performance innovative solutions and build strong human relations in a partnership approach with our clients. We support a fast growth project to attain a dimension that will allow us to consolidate our bold, ambitious strategy.

The integration with the Straumann Group will allow us to continue to grow and even accelerate our expansion and boost our strategy. We will strengthen our presence on the 5 continents through powerful and capable distribution networks. We wish to expand our presence in Europe, Russia and China, but discover new markets as well. New perspectives are emerging for the deployment of the brand and the distribution of our solutions: implant systems, customised prostheses and range of implantology instruments.

This milestone also marks an extraordinary recognition of the history of Anthogyr and of our journey: our exceptional know-how, our skills and expertise, our reputation of experts in the industry and our commitment at all levels. Hence, I’m extremely proud of our partnership with this world leader and deeply convinced of all the added value that will be brought to our associates, our clients and their patients.

We open a new page of our history in seamless continuity with the strategy implemented, whilst respecting our culture and our values: We are ANTHOGYR!

I invite you to continue this beautiful adventure together with confidence."

President & CEO of Anthogyr