Compatibility list

Simeda® is expanding its offer with a free library of implant platforms for all open CAD software systems. It allows for the design of single implant or multiple implant-supported restorations. The prosthesis are custom-made and precision-machined by Simeda® using Zirconia, Titanium or Cobalt-chromium.

The SimedaTheque V3 is compatible with the following systems:

  • 3shapeTM with the 2014 version or later
  • DentalWingsTM with the version 2.9 or later
  • ExocadTM with the "Engine Build 4138" version or later
  • LaserdentaTM with the version 3 or later
  • Delcam DentCADTM with the 2011R1 or later

Implant library

Our CAD experts provide remote assistance for installing implant libraries on your computer for open CAD systems: